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Welcome to The Pioneer Hotel and Banquet Hall in Matara, Solis Hotel Matara – Your Premier Destination.

Renowned for our commitment to unparalleled service since 1994, we proudly offer an exquisite culinary experience infused with the vibrant flavours of Matara’s spices.As Matara City’s premier wedding banquet hall, we ensure unforgettable celebrations for your special day.

Completely Customizable Menu for your Special Day

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20+ Free Services for Every Booking

Poruwa, Champaign Fountain, Floral and Many More!

Make Your Dream Day a Reality

Choose from Two of the finest Matara Ballrooms

The Red Diamond

Matara’s Finest World Class Banquet Hall

The Topaz Ballroom

Exquisitely Elegant, Crafted for Your Special Moments

Matara’s Goodness in Every Bite


Experience the essence of Matara’s vibrant spices at our restaurant, where every dish is a fusion of flavour and culture at the Solis Matara Restaurant. Discover why we’re one of the Best Restaurants in Matara, where every bite tells a story of tradition and taste.

The Solis Promise

Experience the Solis promise at Solis Matara Weddings, where every moment is meticulously crafted with elegance and grace. Our iconic Solis Matara Wedding Banquet Halls set the stage for unforgettable celebrations, ensuring your special day is nothing short of perfection.

Your dream wedding becomes a reality at Solis Matara.

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The Solis Experience

How Do I Make a Booking?

You can reach out to our General Hotline on 76 829 7262 or for Wedding bookings on 76 829 7259. You can also inquire about our exclusive discounts and plans by clicking the WhatsApp icon for a quick response

How Many Banquet Halls Do you Have?

We have two banquet halls as per your needs at Solis Hotel Matara. Our signature banquet hall is the Red Diamond and we also have our Topaz Ballroom. Both of them are state of the art, air-conditioned ballrooms with top of the line offerings

What are the Wedding Prices?

Our pricing for weddings is very flexible with options to match your budget and requirements. Reach out to our Banquet team to get the latest

What are your Food Options?

We offer both dine-in and takeaway options for all our customers. Reach out. to us on our WhatsApp hotline to place your order or make a reservation

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